Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should we choose the Harpeth Trio?

We have many years of performing together as a trio and have done hundreds of weddings, parties, and special events. We strive to make your day memorable by providing classic, elegant string music. It is the music that creates the special ambience for your event. We are honored to perform for all occasions, and we love what we do. We have been awarded The Knot Best of Wedding Ceremony Music representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples five years in a row.

What do I need to provide for the trio?
All we need is three, comfortable, armless chairs at the location. We bring our own stands and lights. If the event is outside, our instruments must be protected from the perils of weather such as extreme heat or cold, rain, sleet or snow. We cannot subject our stringed instruments to direct sunlight or cold temperatures. Outdoor weddings/events may require a tent or shade due to the fragile nature of our instruments.
Is a sound system needed?
Some like to provide a sound system for the music, but this depends upon the location and acoustics of the venue. Strings sound very nice in most churches and amplification is not needed. For outdoor weddings/events, a sound system is sometimes a nice addition, but not required for us.
Will you attend our rehearsal?
We are an experienced, professional trio and do not need to attend the wedding ceremony rehearsals since they are primarily for the direction of the wedding party. Consultations by telephone and/or email are optimal. This saves you any additional financial budgeting! We need to communicate with the wedding coordinator on the day of the event. We arrive approximately an hour before the wedding ceremony begins to provide ample time for set up, tuning and warming up, as well as time to discuss cues with your coordinator. We are accustomed to shortening or lengthening selections as needed for a wedding ceremony.
Can you accompany a vocalist?
We are happy to accompany a vocalist if the music is provided ahead of time, in the vocalist’s key, and a rehearsal can be done prior to the ceremony on the same day with the vocalist.
Can you play special requests?
If you are requesting music that is not in our repertoire, we are happy to consider it if the selection is something that works for a string trio. If we must also arrange it ourselves, arranging fees are added. Since our list of music is always growing, it’s possible we have already played the selection at a previous event, so feel free to check with us!
How much does it cost?

There are several different services and packages we offer. Contact us for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, receptions, corporate parties and other events for a quote. When you inquire, please let us know the date, time and location of your event. Travel fees are only added if traveling outside of the Nashville/Franklin area. We want to give you an accurate quote when you contact us and will need to take several things into consideration when giving you our price. In addition to the trio, you can book a duo or solo violinist. The feedback we have received over the years, confirms we offer the best product resulting in the highest degree of satisfaction for our clients.

How do I book and pay?

Contact us to check date availability and obtain a customized quote for your event needs.

We require 1⁄2 deposit and a signed contract in order to secure the date. The balance is due anytime up to one week prior to the wedding/event date. You may pay by cash, check or Pay Pal (for PayPal payments, please add 3.99% transaction fee to the amount due).

When should I book you?
We must honor the first customer from whom we receive a signed contract and 1⁄2 deposit. We cannot hold the date for you without this requirement. You should book us as soon as you have made your decision, and not wait too long, because we often have multiple requests for the same day. We book anywhere from 3 months to a year or more in advance. We encourage you to book early, especially during the months of March – November, our busiest time of the year for weddings. That being said, we are sometimes available on short notice, especially if out of season or on a day outside of Friday or Saturday.
Can you help me choose the music?
Absolutely. Many brides ask us to choose the prelude music and we are happy to do so. We have samples of our music to listen to which can help you make your decision for the ceremony music: music for the entrance of the grandmothers, mothers, bridal party, bride’s processional, unity candle or similar symbolic ceremony union, recessional and postlude. Click here to hear the music samples.
How do you dress?
We dress in professional, concert black.
When do you start playing for a wedding ceremony?
We play approximately thirty minutes of prelude music as guests arrive (30 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins).
Will you also play after the wedding ceremony?
We often have requests to play 45 minutes to an hour during a cocktail time immediately following the ceremony. We are happy to do both the ceremony and cocktail hour, and have a reduced rate when hired for both.
What if my wedding is delayed?
We understand delays can happen, either with guests arriving late due to traffic, unexpected wardrobe issues, or other surprises on the actual wedding day. While we can extend the time we perform music for the delay, we must also remain on time within reason due to other possible commitments on the same day. Anything beyond the normal 5-15 minutes requires an additional fee prorated on the half hour, and if we have another commitment that day, the overall time may need to be adjusted if we play for a cocktail hour. That being said, we try to make every event work to the best of our ability!
How do I list you in my program?
We appreciate being acknowledged in the program as the Harpeth Trio. We also appreciate and welcome reviews!